Report on the Obama and politics project
  Die Klasse 10a beschäftigte sich mit Präsident Obama und seiner Politik
  On Tuesday 03.02.2009 our class, 10a, started a project on Barack Hussein Obama, US politics and history. We were subdivided into eight different groups, each with a different topic. The groups had to create a poster and give a presentation on their topic.









·         "The Cabinet": on this poster you can see some politicians of Obama's government, such as H. Clinton (Secretary of State) 

·         "Political Aims of Obama”: here you can see what Obama wants to do in his incumbency (Amtszeit)

·         "Barack Obama": a short curriculum vitae of Barack Obama

·         "Joe Biden": a short curriculum vitae of the vice-president

·         "Its been a long way": from slavery to black presidency

·         "The Division of Powers": political system of the USA (legislative, executive, judiciary)

·         "Inauguration Day": the new term of a new president always begins on 20th of January

·         "Questionnaire about Obama": some interesting political and individual question (and answers) about Obama

Each group convinced with creative design and interesting information. All pupils could search for further information on the internet. There is a notebook in our English classroom, which belongs to our teacher (that’s great and very modern!). Unknown words could be looked up in the online dictionary Having a computer and internet access relieved the work enormously.

We worked on the project for three English lessons and on Friday the 06.02.2009 after our teacher had taken some photos of the posters and their "producers", we successfully finished our project on politics and the new president of the USA.There will be an exhibition in the school building where everyone can see the posters.

Patrick Schmitt, Benedikt Valentin, 10a, Fotos: SB